So What Now?

Some may ask, so what now? Where do we go from here? What else needs to be done? The answer is, so much more!

Some current events that have pushed for a more eco friendly environment include California and their position of influence. As an environmental leader within the United States, California is positioned to lead other states towards effective policy implementation to mitigate the effects of plastic waste and pollution. The UK’s Prime Minister has outlined plans to crack down on plastics and introduce more water fountains, as part of the Government’s pledge to eliminate avoidable plastic waste. Many towns and cities across America have banned plastic bags from stores and give and require paper bags or reusable bags. Changes are happening here and now.

If we keep pushing for better habits, more eco-friendly lifestyles and corporations buckle down and recreate their businesses to function and run on eco friendly business plans, marine life will begin to flourish again. There won’t be deadly toxins leaking into the waters and killing species at rapid rates. Animals will not have plastic wrapped around their bodies in deadly ways. Species will again start to flourish. Pollution will start to decrease and global warming will begin to get better.

Many argue that if their everyday routines do not affect change in a major way, what is the point? The answer is simple. Change has to start somewhere and no matter how big or small the impact is, an impact is an impact. If you have saved one life or millions, it matters.

So continue to educate yourself and research campaigns. Take shorter showers, use solar powered energy and energy effeicent habits. Invest in resuable straws and refuse plastic straws. Spread the word and become part of the change. Together, we can make a difference!